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Margie Luce, owner of The Axolotl Factory, has been keeping fish and other aquatic species since 1969. She opened her aquatics business in 1999, doing it mostly on the weekends and evenings while she worked full-time as an electronics engineer for Hewlett Packard/Agilent Technologies. In 2002 she left engineering to devote herself to her passion - aquatic animals and habitats.

It turns out engineering is a great background for a self-employed aquatics specialist! Margie has a knack for creating aquatic systems that turn out high-quality animals with minimal labor. This allows her to keep her prices competitive while staying focused on producing the healthiest, most beautiful specimens.

Margie has a particular love for axolotls, which led to the creation of The Axolotl Factory.

She hopes fellow axolotl lovers will enjoy this site!

The Axolotl Factory is located near Spokane, WA, USA