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I found Margie while researching axolotls. She has given me straightforward advice. I'm very proud of the seven axies I have gotten from her and I have no problem sending others looking to keep axolotls to her site. I am so glad I did not go through some other site. The other sites would have you keep your axolotl in small boxes for months till they reach the magical size not to bite. WRONG! Axies bite at any size. And if the other sites keep their axolotls in shoe boxes, then why do they offer injured ones for sale? I love the way Margie states what she has, what they cost, and what you should do to keep them healthy.

Don - Atlanta, GA

Hey Margie,

I just wanted to tell you thanks again. The little guys are doing great! I'm looking forward to doing business with you again. Just let me know when you have any more spotted leucistic. And for anyone contemplating a purchase from Margie......Don't hesitate. Healthy animals, great packaging, and professional service. A++

HG - Abbeville, LA

I've bought several axolotls from Margie over the last couple of years and I wholeheartedly recommend her. Her axolotls are healthy and beautiful and her customer service is excellent. I’ve been lucky enough to visit her facility several times and I can tell you, this lady knows her stuff!

Lauren - Coeur d'Alene, ID

I bought two juvenile Axolotls off of Margie, and they arrived just as she described them to me! The size, coloration.... everything. I love her method of packing- Their water was still cool enough that I barely had to float them to get the water temperate to add to the tank! I would definitely order off of her again, or recommend her to anyone wanting to buy an axolotl. You will most certainly get what you pay for. Now I want an Axolotl of every color, haha! 

Kristen - Galion, OH

My babies got here yesterday! I got them acclimated right away and waited a few hours to feed so they could explore their new home. They are getting along great with my little gfp. They ate great! And they have the most beautiful gills I have seen on babies. Thank you again!

Katie F. - Liberty, NC - January, 2016

I got the axolotl and it is great! Thank you, it's beautiful, I love it! I am interested in more. Great customer service. On time shipping. Healthy axolotl upon arrival. Definitely coming back and would recommend to anyone.

Andrew O. - Aurora, CO - January, 2016

I've got animals from a variety of sources and yours are easily some of the best I've seen.  Glorious animals.

Cole G. - Billings, MT - January, 2016

I've received my best axolotls from Margie. She ships really lovely axies. She's the best axie seller that I've encountered so far.

Jennifer B. - Brooklyn, NY - January, 2016

Hey Margie,

Thank you so much for all your help! I have named the little guy Dexter. He is happy and swimming around and he ate the bloodworms almost immediately as I put them in there. I am in love with this guy already!

Matt N. - Lakeside Park, KY - February, 2016

Thanks so much, they are all perfect and much bigger then I thought they would be! Super happy! Great customer service and the packaging was the best I've seen and I get snakes so I've seen some good packaging. I will buy from again and would recommend to anyone.

Hailey Eve - Des Moines, IA - February, 2016

Hi Margie,

The Axies arrived safe and sound. They are all gorgeous! And have really nice gills. I was super stoked when I saw you gave me 3 different colors in the group. Thank you so much for adding 2 white albinos for me. You are a great axie breeder and I will for sure order from you in the future.

Thanks again!

Ashley S. - Port Townsend, WA - February, 2016

Hi Margie!

We've had our axolotl (Charlie - short for Charles Darwin) for two weeks now and he is doing great! I just wanted to write to you and say thank you. My boyfriend and I had never ordered an animal online and were nervous about it, but Charlie arrived perfect!

Thanks again so much!

Karissa L. - Mount Pleasant, MI - February, 2016


I just wanted to let you know that all of the axolotls arrived alive and well. They don't appear to be showing any signs of stress either. They're beautiful and I can't believe the size of the gills on them already! I couldn't be happier with the shipment! Thank you very much!

Amanda B. - Preble, NY - February, 2016

Absolutely beautiful!   Thank you so much. 

The packaging was great.  Very effective. 

Thanks again.

Donna B. - Greensboro, NC - February, 2016

They came and are very nice.:- ) Thank you. I am very pleased with your customer service. I will recommend you to all my friends.

James H. - Las Vegas, NV - March, 2016

Hey got my little copper today he looks great. I put him by himself. He's a little guy lol didn't realize how much the others had grown and I've got to tell ya these guys are just awesome thanks so much.

Lee O. - Salem, IL - March, 2016

I cannot express enough how excited and happy we are with our axolotls from Ms.Margie! They are so beautiful and healthy. Ms.Margie went above and beyond to provide advice regarding their care and answer all my questions. The customer service was excellent and even more importantly it is apparent how much dedication is put into the TLC for these awesome creatures! Thank you so much, it is appreciated!

Sarah L. - Port Orange, FL - March, 2016

Just got my axolotl in today. Thank you so much. I absolutely love my baby! She or he looks absolutely beautiful!!  Even better than I thought it would be. You do an excellent job!!

P.S. - Warwick, RI - March, 2016

Hello, I received my het copper today and it was alive and well. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I definitely plan on buying some more from you in the future. Thanks!

L.W. - Indianapolis, IN - March, 2016

Thank you for providing such good healthy babies!  I am super happy with my purchase and so glad I found you!

D.B - Greensboro, NC - April, 2016

My axolotl came earlier than I expected. I'm very happy with him or her. I always wanted a gfp despite not actually owning a black light and he gets along extremely well with his smaller tank mates (two other axolotls). He is beautiful with long gills and I am fascinated by how his eyes are a constant green regardless of light. I've rambled on enough, long story short definitely worth the purchase, extremely satisfied, and I'd definitely order again from here!

Brennen B. - Mantua, OH - April, 2016

Thought you'd like to know, the axies arrived safe and sound this afternoon. They're healthy and active, have already eaten and are settling in well. They're also gorgeous. Thank you so much!

S.R. - Lakewood, WA - April, 2016

I had been taking care of a wild axolotl in Marine Biology for months before the school overheated the tanks and killed all the amphibians. I decided that I had wanted my own, since I had experience with one, and looked everywhere online for one.

This site has so many colour options to choose from and the cheapest price online. I got the leucistic type, and loved him and his freckles so much that I got the class and our theater club that the Marine Biology teacher runs to raise money to replace his old one. The wild-het copper is so beautiful, he looks like a dragon! (We named him Shakespeare)

They are so fun and healthy, mine only eats out of my hand, and everyone is so happy to have an axolotl back in our tank. 

Thank you for great service!

Megan W. - Glassport, PA - May, 2016

I just bought two Axies from Margie about a week ago, and they are stunning! I can't believe how happy and social these little ones are! Any axie purchased from Margie will always be a good one! I hope to be able to someday add more to my collection from Margie! I've never seen so many gorgeous axies come out of one place! This shop is truly amazing!

A. Anderson - Broomfield, CO - May, 2016

Hey so I want to say THANK YOU. My baby arrived yesterday alive lol was so excited n busy trying to feed it i forgot to tag you on this video i love it! The gills are so pretty plus the communication was a plus for me since i am a beginner an overall good experience !

Johana A. - West Babylon, NY - June, 2016

My axie arrived safe and sound she/he is beautiful .  You did a great job with packaging.   I will definitely recommend you to others I know looking to buy an axie.  Thank you.  

Teresa L. - Grand Rapids, MI - June, 2016

All 4 babies arrived this morning in perfect health. Thank you! Also they all started eating immediately. I could tell by the cleanliness of the water that they had been fasted for a couple days before shipping. Excellent quality all the way around. I commend you and your devotion to these wonderful animals. Great job! I will recommend you to everyone I introduce axolotls to.

S. Oreilly - Mastic, NY - June, 2016

I picked up my package and am very happy , your packing is very good and the axolotls look amazing and already ate a nightcrawler. Thank you very much for keeping great healthy animals

Trevor F. - Spring Hill, KS - June, 2016

Aloha Margie! 

They arrived today and are beautiful! Thank you, thank you so much. They both ate very little but immediately started exploring their tank when I put them in. Their coloring is gorgeous! I'll be staring at the tank the rest of the evening!

Thanks again!

Pua B. - Waimanalo, HI - August, 2016

Oh my, VASTLY impressed! You took such great care and LOVE in packaging this little Axolotl, the finest I have experienced. I can recycle the self warming material into our trap and release Feral cat hut as wall insulation so it will not go to waste, it's wonderful material.  The baby Axolotl is perfect and gorgeous, if we  decide to house more, we will be ordering from you again! Our family care and love for these beautiful creatures. Thank you again so very much!

R.V. - Hamilton, MT - January, 2017

Just got the axie in, and its alive and well ^_^ Thank you!! Nice packaging btw!

A.S. - Dallas, TX - September, 2017

This AMAZING guy/girl arrived safe and sound today. I LOVE this critter, thanks so much! You have just beautiful axolotls and your packaging kept the new buddy nice and cool.

L.N. - Woodinville, WA - September, 2017

Package arrived, little fella is alive & adjusting to new home well. I must say your packing was remarkable! Thank you & I will leave positive feedback!!

Amy B. - Shreveport, LA - December, 2017

I had been looking to get an axolotl for a while and started shopping at pet stores. I decided to look online before I made a purchase and came across Margie’s site. I’m so glad I did. I purchased a leucistic and an albino and couldn’t be happier. I’m so happy that I’m going to be buying a third. Margie has been very informative and extremely helpful when it comes to any questions that I’ve had. She also cares and is honest with her answers which lets you know that she’s not just looking to make a buck. I will never go anywhere else and I highly recommend the Axolotl Factory to everyone. Thank you Margie!

P.T. - Exeter, NH - February, 2018

Hi Margie!

We got our speckled leucie today, and she looks fantastic! The packaging was the best I've seen. Thanks so much! I'll be sure to leave a great review!

Jason G. - Corpus Christi, TX - April, 2018

This site is by far the most reliable way of purchasing your little buddies. Prior to discovering Margie Luce’s web page I had little to no luck in my endeavors of axolotl adopting. With sites giving little to no information about the type of shipping, age, sex, etc. The Axolotl Factory gave all the facts you could ever ask for, and if you had a specific question she had her email available. Her wonderful customer service made me feel secure. Not only did she respond to my emails quickly but also with a professional attitude that gave off a trusting aura. The axolotl I received actually came a day later than one day delivery, and I worried it would not make it to my door alive. When it finally did arrive the little guy was more than alive, in fact it was in great condition. This was due to the excellent packaging used by The Axolotl Factory. After letting Margie Luce know I had received my package she refunded my shipping my expenses without me even asking. This has been one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had with any company, and I am proud to say I purchased my axolotl from

T.T. - Peoria, IL - April, 2018

Hi Margie!

We got our speckled leucie today, and she looks fantastic! The packaging was the best I've seen. Thanks so much! I'll be sure to leave a great review!

Jason @ Texalotls - April, 2018

Just got them! They are amazing! Thank you so much. They arrived lively and intact. The packing was so professional and the water was still cold. Thanks again. I’m a veterinarian and I own an animal hospital here in Fort Lauderdale and I have 3 fish tanks. A 150g discus tank in the waiting room, a 90g goldfish tank in the treatment room and the axolotls are in a 40g in my office.

Javier G. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - May, 2018

I just picked it up and got it floating in the tank right now. The gills are so big and lovely and it looks so healthy! I'm in love and you did an amazing job on the packing. I will definitely be buying more animals from you again. Thank you so much I love the cutie!! 

Katie L. - West Salem, WI - June, 2018

Love my BEAUTIFUL GIRL from you! Thanks for producing such HIGH QUALITY/GORGEOUS Axolotls! I look forward to purchasing some more in the near future.

Cory S. - Longwood, FL - July, 2018ry. ❤

This is a review of Margie's axolotls. First and foremost Margie provides 5 star customer service. She took the time to answer all my questions. My axolotl  (Otis) arrived very healthy and has been great, so great that I am buying Otis a new friend. Margie thank you for everything.

Matthew H. - Florency, KY - March, 2019

Cory S. - Longwood, FL - March, 2019

Hi Margie, I just wanted to thank you again for sending me two beautiful axolotls, they are loving their new home!

K. McLaughlin - Lowell, MA - March, 2019

Thank you so much for my beautiful babies. They arrived fast and safe. Their gills are perfect and they are very healthy looking. I highly recommend the axolotl factory, and will be ordering again very soon.

Katie S. - Parkers Prairie, MN - March, 2019

A. Graves - Ft. Collins, CO - March, 2019

By far the best place i've ever bought axolotls from!  They were very informative and you could tell they really cared about their fish. After many years of searching, i have finally found an honest place that will both actually send me my order & take proper care of their animals. After this flawless, hassle-free experience, i can say with confidence i would not buy from anywhere else. 

i am just falling in love with my two black melanoids- the one that was discounted for the notch in it's tail...i think it actually makes her look even cuter.  lol.  they seem to be getting along great with gfp's, albinos & leucistics.  last on my list a split mosaic...and to my amazement, this place has had them in the past!  Not only a one-stop shop, but a genuine one!  

Taylor W. - Glade Valley, NC - May, 2019

Picked up today. Was in great condition, beautiful, and very lively right out of the box. U guys really outdid yourselves!! Thank you. The black melanoid u shipped me is doing awesome as well. Will be recommending u guys to anyone who says they’re interested in getting an axolotl.

Elias M. - Duluth, MN - July, 2019

I just received my axolotl and couldn't be more please-and the great packaging, I think I would have even been comfortable traveling like that! I sure would recommend The Axolotl Factory! Thank you so very much!

D. Hand - Hegins, PA - August, 2019

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