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Axolotls For Sale
Updated February 20, 2018


All orders pay only $20 shipping, for any number of axolotls.

*** Offer good for USPS priority mail shipping only. See more shipping details at the bottom of this page.

We ship only within the United States

Juvenile Axolotls (See Colors page for description of each type) These are the colors we carry. We don't have all colors and sizes at the same time. Please scroll down to the shopping cart to see what's currently available. 

  • Wild type, GFP wild type
  • Black melanoid, GFP black melanoid
  • Leucistic, GFP leucistic
  • Speckled Leucistic see Specials page
  • White/pink albino, GFP white/pink albino
  • Golden albino, GFP golden albino
  • Copper
  • Wild het copper (wild type that carries copper gene)
  • Unique axolotls - see Specials page

         (Sorry - no shipping to California or New Jersey)

Current Juveniles For Sale -

(Temporarily Sold Out)


Shipping is via US Post Office Priority Mail (usually takes 2-3 days). The delivery date is not guaranteed, but live arrival is (see guarantee below). The cost is $20 per order and this covers both postage and packing materials. It also includes a tracking number.

If you want 1-day shipping, please email us at to find out if it's available in your zip code and to get a quote. We'll need to know your zip code and how many axolotls you want shipped. Typical cost for 1-day is $40-$50.

We ship to all U.S. states where axolotls are legal. For instance, we don't ship to California or New Jersey. You are responsible for knowing the laws regarding axolotls in your state before ordering.

A special permit is required for the following states: Please contact us before ordering if you live in one of these states: Hawaii, Maine, Virginia


If by some chance your axolotl does not arrive alive, you have one hour from the time of delivery to give us a photo showing the axolotl in its unopened, original shipping bag. We will either ship a free replacement or issue a refund (our choice).

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